Hot Water System Repair and Replacement

Pakenham’s Emergency Hot Water Repairs & Installation

What to Expect From Our Water Heater Repair Service

Water heater trouble can slow down your daily routine and affect the way you do chores. Get the problem diagnosed and fixed fast with help from your Pakenham hot water system repair and replacement expert Simon from Cardinia Plumbing Solutions. We’ll inspect the issue, present you with options for repair or replacement, and carry out the job to code.

Are you only getting lukewarm water? Is your water too hot? Notice strange smells or discoloration in your water? Hear loud noises coming from your water heater?

We take the following steps for effective hot water system repairs:

  • Diagnosis: Our expert plumber will visit your place with all the required tools to investigate the problem in the hot water system. There could be a blown fuse, malfunctioning heating element, leakage, valve damage, thermostat or improper crossed connection of hot and cold water issue.
  • Project Discussion: We will discuss the problem with the client and share an estimate for the repairs. On receiving the consent, our plumbers will proceed with the job.
  • Replacement- If the hot water system is 10 years old or is poorly maintained, chances are good that it won’t be repaired and needs a replacement. And we can help you with that.

From regular service to emergency hot water repairs in Cardinia, Cardinia Plumbing Solutions has got you covered.

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Most Common Hot Water Service Problems

Like most hot water systems, it is always better to get a small issue checked out and repaired sooner before it becomes a bigger, more costly, problem later.

High Electricity bills
Lukewarm Water
Rusk in your water
Faulty Elements
Leaking around the tank
Old unit (over a decade old)