Toilet repair, service and replacement

toilet repair

Pakenham Toilet Repairs & Instalation

Our toilets get used everyday and eventually need maintenance and repair

We know when a toilet isn’t working right it’s a huge headache. Whether its clogged, overflowing, or constantly running, it’s a gross plumbing problem that no one wants to deal with. These issues when overlooked can become much more serious and can possibly cause more damage to the rest of your bathroom. It’s an easy way to turn a small repair bill into a big one.

Whether it’s a simple clog or a toilet that won’t stop making noise book Simon in to come and diagnose the issue and make sure you are good to go!

What to expect from our toilet repair services

Our team of commercial and residential plumbers based in Pakenham will first find the source of toilet clogging.

What we offer:

  • Essential repairs: If there’s a leakage in the water tank, or it’s clogged or the valve is not working properly, our plumbers will use the right tools like a toilet auger and adjustable pipe wrench to clear the clog in the toilet.
  • Minor adjustments: A toilet sometimes needs only a few adjustments. If the ballcock refill valve is old, or it rubs on the other parts or replacing the flush valves— a quick adjustment is required.
  • Replacement: If our plumbers found that your toilet is irreparable, then toilet replacement is recommended. We provide you with complete replacement of the toilet faster and efficiently.

At Cardinia Plumbing Solutions, your toilet repairs and plumbing services are fully covered.

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Most Common Toilet Problems

Like most toilet repairs, it is always better to get a small issue checked out and repaired sooner before it becomes a bigger, more costly, problem later.

The major toilet problems include:

Toilet Won’t Stop Running
Clogged Toilet
Water Saving Toilet
Toilet Isn’t Flushing
New Toilet Installed
Toilet Renovations